What is FireMed?

FireMed is an annual membership program that covers any deductible or other portion of an ambulance bill not covered by your insurance.


What does it cost?

​Only $50 per year for your entire family!*  


What does FireMed cover?

FireMed covers medically necessary transports by ambulance within the FireMed reciprocal service area.  FireMed does not cover transfers to or from doctors offices, non-medically necessary transports (such as Care Car/wheelchair van), or transports by private ambulance agencies who are not part of the FireMed reciprocal service area.


Do I have to have medical insurance to join FireMed?

​No.  FireMed membership is open to anyone in our service area, whether you have insurance or not.

Should I drop medical insurance if I have FireMed?

No.  FireMed ONLY covers emergency ambulance service fees.  It does not cover hospital bills.


How much does it cost?

FireMed -$50

Admin Office: 503-397-2990

Fax: 503-397-3198

Recruitment/PIO Inquires: 888-301-8626

EMS Billing Inquires: 503-397-2990

Finance/HR: 503-397-2990

RSVP Program: 503-397-5655

Joint Maintenance Facility: 503-369-2053 or 503-410-6186


270 Columbia Blvd

St. Helens, OR. 97051

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