Columbia River Fire & Rescue provides prompt fire and emergency medical services to the citizens of the District, but sometimes we need help finding your residence when responding to your emergency.

To help us accomplish this very important task, the Fire District has adopted a Rural Address Sign Program.  While the signs help the emergency responders find you, they also help other public agencies, such as water companies or delivery services, to find your home.

Fire District crews will gladly install these much-needed signs at the beginning of your driveway, provided you reside within the District's ambulance service area.


The two-sided sign is a standard 6" x 12" marker with reflective green background and 3" reflective

white numbers.


A double-sided sign with post is $20 installed.

a single-sided sign with post is $18 installed.

How to Order

Order forms are available at the Administration Office, Fairgrounds Fire Station, and the Rainier Fire Station.  Our personnel are able to discuss your specific needs with you to determine which sign best suits your property.  

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Rural Address Sign Program